‘CRICKET’, a global passion, Played every where from TEST match arenas to village green, tropical beaches of West Indian Islands to congested streets of Indian sub-continent. A sports which gained popularity during BRITISH Imperialist colonial era.

Cricket was first recorded in 16th Century ENGLAND, and its was played in schools, farm communities and everywhere in between. But things really took off when 18th century nobles realised that not only was it a great sport  but also an excellent opportunity for betting.

When stakes in betting climbed sky-high, it was deemed necessary to come up with agreed rules for game of cricket.The oldest surviving set of cricket laws date from 1744 printed on a ‘Handkerchief’. Naturally and very obviously the ‘Handkerchief’ is now resting in MCC (MARYLEBONE CRICKET CLUB) Museum at Lord’s in London.

The oldest permanent fixture is the annual Etom vs Harrow match,played since 1805. The first international match was in 1877 when Australia beat England in Melbourne. The match was dubbed a ‘TEST’ since the gruelling nature of playing over five days was deemed the ultimate ‘Test’for any side.But ,it took Australia another 5 years for their first win on England soil. In 1882 at the Oval in London that led to matches between the two nations being Christened the ‘Ashes’. Following the defect,newspaper published an obituary mourning ”the death of English cricket”, adding that ”the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”.

Cricket’s earliest star WG Grace ,who  played 44 seasons from 1865 to 1908. Despite the game’s reputation as the epitome of fairness and celebrated as Gentlemen’s game, Grace was as famous for his gamesmanship as his batting. He once ran THREE, then when the ball was flying in from the outfield, he caught IT, put it in his pocket and ran three more.

The top batsman in history of is INDIAN  ”Sachin Tendulkar”, who retired in 2013 after scoring more than 15000 runs in 200 Tests and morw 18000 runs in 469 One day international matches. He is the only player to have made 100 International Centuries, was the first batsman to score a double century in one day international match against South Africa and is the only player to amass more than 30000 international runs.

It is widely accdaimed that the origin of cricket lie somewhere in Dark Ages-probably after the Roman Empire, almost certainly before the Normans invaded England,and almost certainly  somewhere in Northern Europe. All research concedes that the game evolved or derived from very old, widespread and uncomplicated – simple past time by in which one player served up on object, be it a small piece of wood, cork or a ball and another hit it with a suitably fashioned club which lates developed as a cricket BAT. It took a long time for cricket to evolve as a sports with specific laws and rules. But, the development of this club-ball game is simply unknown is history. Nor there are any evidence as when the size of ground, pitch,numbers of players and various other laws where formally made. It is belived that it evolved with time in various regions of England and adjacent areas.

Cricket went with British imperialism to its various colonies spreaded all across the globe. From Canada to African countries or Indian sub continent to Australia & New zealand . Native Indians played cricket with while English man, but,the sport was limited to elite that time. Indian cricket team was formed much prior to Indian independence consisted of player from Britain and India. Team played matches with England and Australia as the recorded history tells.

With social evolution of humans,evolution in cricket was as obvious as sum in daytime. Shorter format was made which needed only a day to be played with limited over for each sides, is was hit due its pace of game.One day started with 60 overs each for team, later reduced to 50 over game.

Development took a leap step for the game in new century when custodian of game felt need for more compact format for game and ”20 over game was introduced. The credit for this went to Indian cricket bodies specially the Indian cricket board.

Today cricket is a game of multi Billion dollar economy. Though it is loved and followed mainly by Indian sub continental countries now. The Birthplace of cricket and early playing nation doesn’t have the fan following of the game.

The game will inspire many generation to come and will produce many great champions. Hope, the cricketing era returns to the sporting world again.

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